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Avril Moran

I started running in November 2014 after my dad passed away. I couldn’t run 100m at first but I persevered and managed 5k, 10k and finally a half marathon in 2016. I trained on my own on the rural roads of Kildare but always would have loved some running buddies. In 2017 my husband suggested I join a local club, so I contacted Brendan and off I went in September 2017 on a Tuesday night –I was welcomed with open arms and ran 7k my first night.  The following week I ran 10k on a stormy night with a man called Pat, I think I might have chatted too much for Pat that first night as he told me to run on, but we have become firm friends since. I never imagined I’d ever run a marathon and there were plenty of doubters but not Brendan, you’d be well able he said. So, within 12 months he had me marathon ready and I ran my first marathon in October 2018 and a 2nd in October 2019 under Brendan’s guidance. Its not only a running club but a running family. I run 3 times a week with BRC and have made many friends. There is no pressure, you can run any pace any distance, its about getting out there. I am grateful to Brendan and grateful to be a member of this amazing club.

Leo Nolan

My goal for 2022 was to complete my first marathon. Having been successful in the Dublin City marathon lottery for 30th October I joined BRC in July with the sole purpose of getting a training plan in place. Boy did I get much more .. what great support Brendan was from the start with the ability to firstly relax you into the journey and through his experience ensuring you gained confidence along the way.. all the time building you belief in what’s possible . BRC a long established group  who happily greets newbies with openness and genuine enthusiasm with no clicks or bias .. an absolutely fantastic community of likeminded people sharing the obsession and sheer joy of running. Like hotel California.. once you join I doubt you will never leave .. so I completed my goal but I feel my stay with BRC will be an extend one . Hope you too come and join us .. Leo Nolan

Adrian Burke

When i joined Brendans Running Club in 2014 i was part of the first Naas Town 10km group, over the years i have progressed from having never run to running my 5th Marathon this year. I couldn’t do it without the club!
The people in it are wonderful, very friendly and helpful (even Tom B).
And then the man himself Brendan. Hes become more than a running coach to me, he has become a very good friend, always there with advice and help and not just with running!
If your looking to step outside your comfort zone and meet wonderful people and have great craic then Brendans Running Club is the place for you!

Orla Breen

Can totally recommend this club. I joined in January and did my first 10k this morning cos Brendan told me I’d be able smile emoticon

Mick Melinn

Running with brendan saturday morning group for 2 and half years now met some really great people Who are now good friends of mine love the long run on a sat ur day and I am looking forward to getting to the starting line of my 3rd dublin city marathon this year in a non competitive environment can’t recommend brendan running club enough .!!

Caroline McGrath MhicAogain

I love this club. Did a search on running clubs in naas 2 yrs ago… Brendans running club caught my attention but it took months to pick up the courage to attend & am delighted that I have 😀. Its a fab club & look forward to MY tues & thur nights out running & catching up on the local gossip. Have made really wonderful friends through Brendan’s running club

Dee Gibson

What better way to clear the head from all life throws at you than to go out running with this gang! I’ve gone from someone who hated PE in school to running a few half marathons since joining early 2015.. Great craic, best laughs and have made amazing friends..Thanks Brendan 😀

Tom Blennerhassett

A great club with a great man behind it. Motivator, psychologist, agony uncle and a great runner to boot. Brendan was the reason I did my best ever Dublin City Marathon in 2015 and I know he’ll bring me on again for this years.
If in doubt, come on out! Nothing to lose and everything to gain from it – from new friends, a lust for life, and no judgmental people, only those that revel in your achievements

Susan Carty

Super club with lots of encouragement from Brendan and other club members. It’s brilliant because it caters for all abilities and ages. Highly recommended.

Mairead Stapleton Blennerhassett

Since joining Brendan’s Running Club in September 2014, I have met and run with people I now call friends. Brendan is a fantastic motivator and even if you don’t believe in yourself he will believe in you. Anyone thinking of taking up running I couldn’t recommend this club highly enough, you won’t regret it.

Siobhán Jacob

Slow fast long and short runs, I have done them all in brendans running club. Its great for anyone who wants to run, met some lovely people and made great friends. The club is a credit to Brendan

Iris Walshe

Agree with Orla I can totally recommend this club , I started in January kicking and screaming , moaning and whinging and I have laughed and ran and have total respect for Brendan as he runs with every group supporting encouraging and laughing !! Well worth it !

Sinéad Loonan

I feel like the lucky and privileged one to be part of this fantastic club. Its life changing stuff and if anyone is even thinking about taking up running, come out with us and I can promise you will be back !

Ann Quinn

Could not recommend this club enough there is no competitiveness between anyone it’s just made up of people who want to get out and enjoy running and Brendan makes sure every level is accommodated for how he runs beside everyone at some stage I don’t know but he is so encouraging I joined in 2013 and can honestly say he and the club is the reason I still enjoy running today great group of people

Joan Hickson

I had never run before join BRC one & a half years ago – since then with the help & encouragement of the club I hav completed numerous 10km and half marathons, with DCM on the cards for this October. I can def say that if I hadn’t joined the club I would never have achieved these, not to mention the many great friends I’ve met through it……and fun nights out. Come out with us some night- u won’t regret it.

Laura Mc Kinney

I ran DCM last October. Had always been a distant dream, but since joining Brendan’s Running Club, it soon became a reality! The social, non-competitive buzz keeps you heading to the finish line, every time!

Annelise Devine

Super story brendan, I am so glad to have joined the club I’ve run further then I ever dreamt of and hopefully get to complete my first half marathon in 4 weeks well done on your success

Blathnaid Ryan

Great club, would definitely recommend to runners of all levels. I’d never have completed my first marathon without it!!

Bernadine Price

I totally agree with everything everyone has said. BRC is fantastic. I reluctantly joined BRC on the 1st Feb as I wanted to do something for me. I had been liking Brendan’s inspirational quotes on his FB page for ages and kept thinking I’d love the courage to join but always thought I was too old and so unfit. I’ve sat behind a desk for nearly 40 years without doing any form of exercise so as you can imagine I wasn’t able to climb a stairs without being out of breath. It took a lot of courage for me to turn up on the 1st Feb but having messaged Brendan beforehand I knew he would be so supportive and encouraging and he has been more than that. After only 8 weeks I can now jog/walk 5k slowly I might add but I still do the same distance as the fast runners. I would whole heartedly recommend this club to anyone of any age, shape or size. If I can do it anyone can. I’ve met lovely people there especially one girl called Margaret Scott who is launching her second book on 31st March. She is amazing and she always stays with me even though I know she can run faster and further. If you want to do something for yourself without any pressure to be fast then I could not recommend BRC highly enough. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Thank you Brendan for taking me on a journey I thought I’d never go on.

Jason Browne

Joining “”Brendan’s Running Club”” has got me from the couch to 10k in less than 6 months. I’m the slowest in my group, but it’s still *my* group and it’s great to feel part of a gang; it gives you such encouragement when it’s dark, wet and cold out and you’re leaving your warm hourse to go for a run. If I hadn’t joined “”Brendan’s Running Club”” I’d have given up running by now! But I’m still enjoying it and look forward to going running… 🙂

Richard Maguire

An absolutely fantastic club, whether you harbour dreams of a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon or if you just want to get active and increase your fitness in a non competitive, friendly, supportive, fun and motivational group I 100% encourage you to join up for one of the many group training sessions available, you won’t regret it. Brendan is a great motivator, coach and advisor no matter what your level as a runner. I joined Brendan’s Running Club in June 2013 and I’ve progressed from running a few km to currently working towards my first half marathon in coming months and all been well my first marathon in October. The social aspect of the club is great too, I’ve met some great people and made good friends through it.

Sandra J.Zapp

Before I began running with this club, the idea that I would ever be able to run a kilometer seemed impossible. And of course it was, until I ran a kilometer…
Since joining last June the preparation course for the Naas Town 10K, I ran many more kilometers. I met like-minded crazy people who ran with me through any kind of weather available. I have clocked up 5K’s, 3x 10K’s, and an atrocious 12K (weather-related, not course). I hated running with a passion before, but now I am seriously considering half-marathons, or even go all the way to a full marathon. You can’t explain the level of support you get from this club, you have to experience it for yourself.

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